Founded in 2017, Bowers Boutique is a small British business that offers custom drawings of houses and special locations as well as other bespoke prints, illustrations and gifts. All drawings are hand drawn and then digitally coloured in, so you get the best of both arts!

The face behind Bowers Boutique - Jasmine Bowers 

A bit more about me - I'm a cat lover, red wine drinker, I love to travel/experience new things and also I'm probably the most down to earth gal you'll ever meet. I like people to feel warm around me and I hope that shines through in my business and work.

I started my little business in September 2017 as extra funding towards my South America travels but really it's always been my dream to own some kind of boutique. As you can tell I mainly draw houses but this wasn't how I started, I began with designing prints for wall art and during this time my best friend was moving into his new house and I wanted to gift him something quirky and I drew his house (in my messy drawing style). I had a lot of comments on it so thought hummm why not draw more? Now I've expanded to wedding venues and special locations as well as other art/prints for home decor. I've also created a custom house drawing bauble which will be coming back for the Christmas season! 

/  Based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England