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Founded in 2017, Bowers Boutique is a Small British Business that offers Custom Illustrations, House/Venue Drawings, Wall Prints, Hand Painted Doormats, Wedding Stationery and Bespoke Gifts.

The face behind Bowers Boutique - Jasmine Bowers 

A bit more about me - I'm a cat lover, red wine drinker, I love to travel/experience new things and I'm also probably the most down to earth gal you'll ever meet. I hope that shines through in my customer service.

I started my little business in September 2017 as extra funding towards my South America travels but really it's always been my dream to own some kind of boutique.


 I began by designing prints for wall art and during this time my best friend was moving into his new house so I wanted to gift him something quirky and I drew his cottage. I had a great reaction to it so I thought why not draw more?


Now I've expanded to a variety of custom illustrations, stationery and gifts such as my bespoke Custom House/Pet Illustration Baubles. 

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