Illustrated Love Story Timeline

Illustrated Love Story Timeline Print


Have very important places or dates hand drawn by me and put into a timeline of your relationship. This could be things such as your:

- first date

- first home

- where you got engaged

- where you share a memory

- your child was born

- when you met


.......these are just suggestions, you can let me know what you want.


What You Need To Do:

1. Send me the places or dates you want drawing up. (It doesn't have to be the exact place e.g. if your first date was a cinema I can draw popcorn and cinema tickets).


2. The chosen names


3. I will send you one proof for you to go over and for you to check spellings.


4. Then I will send you your finished print.


Printed on a matte heavy weight paper and sent to you by Royal Mail.


All posters and prints are for personal use only and cannot be copied, resold, shared or used commercially in any way.


RECYCLING I recycle all paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, plastic and whatever else I can from my office! Please try and reuse the packaging I supply your order in. Let's save the planet together!


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Illustrated Love Story Timeline

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