Pet Illustration Bauble 


A custom drawn illustration of your pet complete with snow and pet's name. This is a bespoke piece that takes time and delicacy to complete. It is a glass hanging bauble with white base (it is not a snow globe). One pet to each bauble. 


There are two options to choose from:

Option 1 £25

- You've previously ordered a Pet Illustration from me and I can use this drawing in the bauble


Option 2 £35

- You need your pet drawing from scratch as you've never ordered a Pet Illustration from me. 


You can also upgrade to a Pet Illustration + Bauble. Please choose from A4 Illustration, A3 Illustration (or No Upgrade/You're Option 1)


If you're Option 2 please can you send me a photo of your pet for me to draw from. You can send through here or to


The bauble is shipped in a smash proof box by second class delivery or available for collection.



Pet Illustration Bauble


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