Special Location Drawing Illustration

Hand Drawn Special Location - sketched, outlined and digitally coloured in. 


Do you have a special place that means a lot to you, maybe it's a restaurant you first met your partner, or your favourite coffee shop where the question was popped. It could even be your wedding venue or a pub!



£60+ up to the size of a standard detached building 

£70+ for large detached building

(Please message me if you're unsure of the building size. If you're looking for a House Drawing please see the correct listing back in the shop)



Pets - £2.50

Cars - £5.00


My style of drawing quirky and unique. 

Can take between 2-3 weeks for completion from the order date + shipping days.


Please send images through messaging on here, via social media or to bowersboutique@outlook.com. Don't forget to also let me know any text you would like adding plus if you’d like it landscape or portrait. 


Printed on heavy weight FSC Certified matte paper. 


I recycle all paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, plastic and whatever else I can from my office!
Please try and reuse the packaging I supply your order in. Let's save the planet together! 


Please feel free to drop me a message!

Special Location Drawing Illustration

  • No returns or exchanges with this order as it's customised.